Kruger2010 - Workshop on Discovery Physics at the LHC

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To include Standard Model physics at hadron colliders as well as Higgs boson, SUSY and exotic particle searches. Discussions on the latest Monte Carlo tools, cross-section calculations for signal and background processes to higher orders, as well as strategies for new physics searches are expected. The status of the CERN Large Hadron Collider, along with first measurements from the LHC experiments, will also be presented.


Six days of plenary talks and parallel sessions where some of the very latest experimental results from the LHC (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb), as well as topical beyond the Standard Model theories, will be presented. The surroundings of one of the worldʼs largest national parks, and the physics results presented during this workshop, will serve to inspire discussions between theorists and experimentalists on the latest LHC and Tevatron measurements as well as our expectations for the future.

Proceedings from the Workshop will be published in "Proceedings of Science"

Local Organising Committee:

Simon Connell (Univ. of Johannesburg)
Alan S. Cornell (NITheP / Univ. of the Witwatersrand)
Trevor Vickey (University of the Witwatersrand)
Zeblon Vilakazi (iThemba Labs)
Brian Masara (SA Institute of Physics)


Scientific Advisory Committee:

Vernon Barger (Wisconsin)
Alan Barr (Oxford)
Sinead Farrington (Oxford)
Tony Liss (Illinois)
Steve Muanza (Marseille, CPPM)
Evelyn Thomson (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Scott Willenbrock (Illinois)


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