Donations and Partnerships

The South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) is a non-profit, voluntary and professional physics society that was established in 1955.  In order to implement its Vision of being The voice of physics in South Africa, SAIP implements several projects through generous support from stakeholders in the form of grants, donations and partnerships.


Our Current Sponsors and Partners

  1. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) in South Africa (www.dst.gov.za)
  2. The National Research Foundation (www.nrf.ac.za)
  3. The Institute of Physics (IOP) UK (www.iop.org)
  4. Prof C B van Wyk - Trust Fund (SAIP Silver Jubilee Award Trust Fund)

Why SAIP needs your support?

It is recognized worldwide that physics is a basic science, vitally important to the development of mankind and to our understanding of the world - and universe – in which we live. In particular, physics often acts as a lead science - not only are the physics developments of today the technologies of tomorrow, but, inter-alia, it also plays the role of the canary in the mine. Thus, if Physics gets seriously ill, it is a warning that science and technology as a whole, and hence the growth of a knowledge-based economy, are in grave danger.

SAIP’s role is to ensure that Physics in South Africa is healthy and of an international standard. Since SAIP is a voluntary body it can only fulfil the role through financial support from stakeholders.

Department of Science at Technology (DST) has beeen the chief supporting partner to the SAIP since 2007. The SAIP is appealing to other stakeholders to partner it, exploit physics for improving the quality of life and the development of a knowledge-based economy for South Africa

How Physics Improves our Quality of Life

  • Do you use the internet, cell phones, GPRs or a computer?
  • Do you relax by playing video games, watching a movie, listening to radio or play a CD or DVD?
  • Do you check weather forecast before you travel or choose clothing?
  • Have you visited a doctor for any form of imaging, whether sonar for your unborn baby, MRIs, CAT scans or x-rays to find broken bones or cancerous tumor?
  • Do you know someone who owes their survival to radiation therapy?

 If your answer is yes to any of the above then you have seen physics in action improving your quality of life. 

Did you know its physics?

Economic Sector

Physics Contribution


Did you know that electronics was made possible by the discovery of the electron and invention of the transistor by physicists? Transistors are the building blocks of electronics integrated circuits (ICs) and computers.

IT and Telecommunications

Did you know that the internet and the computer were invented by physicists? Fibre optics, internet technology, GPS technology, Satellite Communication

Research & Development

Did you know that research technologies developed in physics are at the cutting edge of frontiers of scientific research by all fields? e.g.   Synchrotrons Techniques, Scanning Electron Microscopes, Nanotechnology, Computational Physics & Modelling,

The world’s largest science research instruments are physics instruments? e.g. CERN, LHC, SKA, LIGO

Astrophysics helps research into understanding the outer space and origins of the earth

Did you know in South Africa most of the National Research Facilities are Physics Based? NiTHEP, SAAO, HaartRAO, SANSA, iThemba LABS, SKA,

Energy Provision

Did you know that Physics is at the forefront of energy provision? Renewable energy technologies, solar, thermal, wind, bio-gas

Nuclear Industry

Did you know that the nuclear industry was made possible by discovery of the nucleus by physicists? Radiation protection, nuclear waste management, nuclear energy technologies, nuclear radiation for medical applications e.g. cancer treatment, diagnostics ,Neutron imaging

Health & Medicine

Did you know that all High-Tech Medical Equipment is developed by physicists?

Human Body scanning and Imaging technologies and technologies SONAR, MRI, CAT Scan, X-rays,

Chemotherapy, Nanotechnology based sun screen creams, artificial limps, spectacles and eye lens

Education & Skills Development

Did you know physicists are employed in a wide range of industries from academia, research, manufacturing, policy making, finance and administration? Physics training helps develop various transferable and sort-after skills such as

  • a practical approach to problem solving often using mathematical techniques
  • research & analytical skills and ability to communicate complex ideas

Manufacturing & Trade

Did you know that technical barriers to International Trade e.g. conformity assessments, quality and accreditation standards are based of Physics of Measurements?

Test & measurement technologies, Instrumentation and control, calibration standards, metrology, Non-Destructive Testing, Industrial Ventilation

Automotive & Transport Industry

Sensors, safety, catalytic converters, battery technologies, accident reconstruction and analysis, aerodynamics

Materials Science

Mechanical and Civil engineering are both rooted in mechanics a branch of physics

Mining Industry

Mining Seismology, Mineral exploration physics, gas sensors for mining, mineral sorting technologies, Mining Ventilation

Environment, Defence & Security

Astro-physics and Space-physics, Seismology,

Water treatment technologies

Finance and Commerce

IT infrastructure, Credit Card Circuits, Financial markets modelling


How SAIP is Making a Difference – Our Value Proposition

1) We promote skills and human capital development

    • At school through the outreach and public understanding of physics and mobile physics lab initiatives
    • At under-graduate through university level outreach activities, disseminating information on bursaries, careers etc, we also give free membership of SAIP to 3rd year physics students
    • At post-graduate through post graduate study opportunities, post-doc opportunities, conferences and workshops, scholarships and bursaries, student prizes, career information,

2) We promote the quality of physics education

    • At school through our physical science teachers development project
    • At University through our initiatives such as Review of Physics Training in South Africa, The Undergraduate Benchmark, Biophysics Initiative and Shaping the Future of Physics in South Africa among others

3) We support women and girls

Supporting women and girls in physics through promoting women and girls to study physics and take up careers in physics. We also help in issues such as creating a conducive environment for girls to study physics at school and university. We also support creating the right environment for women at work.

4) We promote industrialization, innovation & entrepreneurship

through Entrepreneurship for physicists and the Physics in Industry day, research conferences and capacity building workshops

5) We support Government Strategy

through various activities that support human capital development, knowledge generation, development of knowledge-based economy, innovation support among others. SAIP scans the physics environment continuously and makes appropriate recommendations for policy formulation and interventions by government.

How To Support SAIP

The SAIP is involved in various activities and projects to support the Physics discipline and make sure its in good health in South Africa, for example SAIP has several activities supporting physics education, human capital development for science and technology, transformation and gender equality, technological innovation and entrepreneurship in physics.

  1. SAIP can be supported through philanthropic gifts in the form of grants, donations, bequests, endowments, student awards, student bursaries and scholarships and assets donation
  2. SAIP can also be supported through  project specific grants, or joint projects between SAIP, Private Sector and/or Government.

Benefits of Supporting SAIP

  • BEE scores through supporting previously disadvantaged students
  • Achieve own aims e.g. supporting maths, science and technology in South Africa
  • Help create a Science and Technology skills base
  • Fully Acknowledged on SAIP Sponsors/ Partners list
  • We post your logos on SAIP website
  • Receive the quarterly Physics Comment Magazine (PC Magazine)
  • Free Adverts in the PC Magazine & SAIP website
  • Free Exhibition Stands at SAIP Annual Conference
  • Full Colour A4 Adverts in the SAIP Annual Conference Book of Abstracts
  • Access to our emailing lists physics graduates in SA
  • Two free tickets to the SAIP annual Banquet
  • Acknowledgement by SAIP

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