Opportunities from IAU Office of Astronomy for Development

1. Two vacancies at the OAD:
There are two contract positions currently available at the OAD: Project Officer and Communications Officer. These are opportunities for inspired individuals to join the OAD team at its awesome Cape Town headquarters during an exciting time in the OAD's life, as we ramp up towards the IAU General Assembly in Hawaii in 2015 (next year marks the halfway point in the IAU's decadal strategic plan). With 41 projects from around the world funded so far, and more to come, there's a goldmine of good news stories that need to be communicated, as well as opportunities for innovation in terms of supporting this growing community of collaborators. We're looking to fill these positions as soon as possible so watch out for the short deadlines for applications. Links to advertisements:
Project Officer: http://bit.ly/1q0j9AB
Communications Officer: http://bit.ly/1wlB45n
2. OAD Ideas List:
We've been gathering great ideas in terms of how to make the OAD better. However, there are far more ideas than we have the capacity to make happen, so the OAD Ideas List is like our ideal "to do list" for the OAD – things that we would really like to implement because we believe it would make the OAD better – but we simply don’t have the hands to do it. We’re therefore putting it out there in the hopes that some of you or the people you know could help us implement them. We're also open to your suggestions of course so have a look at the list (http://www.astro4dev.org/oad-ideas-list/) and if you have other thoughts as to how to make the OAD better, please do send them through to us.
3. OAD Visiting Fellowships:
OAD Visiting Fellowships are awarded in special cases where a person's contributions to the OAD are evaluated to be at an exceptional level. They are awarded to volunteers who work with us on any of the projects on the OAD Ideas List (or on ideas of their own), which we believe will contribute to the vision of the OAD. A limited number of these fellowships will be awarded each year. OAD Visiting Fellows will spend their time in Cape Town working on, and ideally completing, their projects. More at http://bit.ly/Tn6km1
4. OAD Internships:
This opportunity has always been available but should be mentioned for completeness. The internship programme is mainly targeted at students who are looking to gain some experience in the education and development fields, and earn some extra pocket money while contributing to a bigger purpose. I stress pocket money because we simply provide modest allowances, equivalent to what someone receives for tutoring at local universities. The hope is that the individual gains valuable experience that would help them in their future careers. More at http://bit.ly/1pCVggX
5. OAD Annual Call for Proposals 2014 - get ready!
The OAD is on track to launch its third annual call for proposals next Monday, 30th June 2014. This is an open call for projects relating to any of the three focus areas of the OAD: (i) universities and research;  (ii) children and schools; and (iii) public outreach. Projects which are not successful in being awarded a grant may still be selected for the OAD's Recommended List, for which the OAD will continue to seek additional funds and support. The call will be made live on the OAD website www.astro4dev.org on 30th June 2014 so watch that space.