Promotion - Register as Certified Professional Physicist at SAIP2015

The SAIP would like to invite physicists & astronomers in academia, research, industry and business to register with SAIP as Certified Professional Physicists (Pr.Phys).  The SAIP is a Registered Professional Body, SAQA Registration ID: 777. SAQA is the South African Qualifications Authority.

The SAIP is strategically positioning Pr.Phys to become a well respected and sought-after professional registration that is in demand by employers from industry, commerce, research and academia. 

SAIP is therefore inviting physicists & astronomers to register with Pr.Phys.  Together we can elevate the status and standing of our profession within industry, commerce and society in general.  Further information can be found here


The first 100 applications received between now and 1 July 2015 will be considered by 3 July 2015.  This will be made possible because the professional Standards Committee members will be in one place at SAIP2015 in Port Elizabeth.  

      1.     Submit completed forms via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or drop them at the SAIP Booth at SAIP2015, making sure that your cell number and/or email address is correct.
      2.     If all documents are in order and the application is approved, you will be via SMS  to COLLECT YOUR Pr.Phys CERTIFICATE at the SAIP Booth by 3 July 2015
      3.     If additional documents are needed, we will alert you by email or SMS.
      4.     SAIP will be giving a free CERTIFICATE FRAME to all those who apply during this period.
      5.     If you are not attending SAIP2015 we will post your FRAMED Pr.Phys CERTIFICATE to the address you supply.
      6.     Details and application forms for Pr.Phys can be downloaded here: Professional Physicists Registration (Pr.Phys) 

Please forward this to your colleagues in the physics and astronomy communities.

Should you have any queries please contact me.

Thank you.

Brian Masara – Executive Officer SAIP