Instructions to Submitters

Contributions can be submitted under the following guidelines.

  1. A ½ page written summary with illustrative pictures,
  2. A Poster or Cartoon with illustrative pictures
  3. A one 1-to 2-minute video clip, with relevant images and illustrations, or
  4. Concept (1) or (2) embedded in the video submission.
  5. We encourage submissions in all official South African languages.
  6. Material Submitter Non-Competition
    • Individuals and teams can submit materials, videos or posters without necessary choosing to participate in the Competition.
    • There is no limit to the number of submissions for those submitting video clips and posters but do not want to be considered for a prizes
  7. Submission for Competition to be considered for a Prize
    • Individuals and teams can also submit videos or posters to be entered into a competition for a prizes
    • The Competition is in two categories, video clips and posters. Individuals/teams can only have one competition entry per category. That is a maximum of only one poster to be considered for Competition and a maximum of only one video to be considered for Competition.

Please download the full terms and conditions here.

General Guide on Developing Your Submission

1.    Look around and identify your concept,

2.    Draw up a plan on how to present it in a simple, captivating and exciting way,

3.    Give the audience the important bits of info:  Who, what, when, how 

4.    Gather your footage, photos,

5.    Draw up a plan presentation flow plan

6.    Compile and edit

7.    Keep it short, to the point, and sweet!

8.    Submit

Technical details on file size, format

The accepted formats for images in JPEG|PNG and the image size must be 5MB or less.

The accepted video format is MP4 with the maximum size of 10MB.

Submit Your Story

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How Physics Improves Quality of LifeAdvanced Physics Research Happening in South

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