100 Years of Physics in Africa – ‘Past, Present and Future.’

This initiative is prompted by the 100th year of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). The first agreement was signed in 1922; the first General Assembly was held in 1923.  This time last century, Modern Physics in Africa was in its infancy. Now, it is time to  flex our  muscles and take hold, change lives and unfold understanding. The elders and the youth of Physics are stretching their minds together.

Whether your country is a member of IUPAP or not, this is an excellent time to look back and look forward. One hundred years from now, perhaps Physicists will understand the vision we had for Physics contribution to the Sustainable Development of Africa. For example, how can Physics contribute to the 4th Industrial Revolution, gender and equity, food security, science education, health, energy, clean water, among other sustainable development challenges facing Africa.


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